In Pause Mode

Blog is currently in pause mode as of now. I still want to do Book of the Week and Book of the Month as well as group free promo days, but while I figure out exactly what I want to do, it is in pause mode.

Book Promo Over

After getting a ton of hits, our group promo day comes to a close. I hope everyone had a good time downloading the free books.

I plan on doing another group day sometime in July. But don’t go away. Book of the Week is still staying, as well as Book of the MOnth, as well as a weekly post to occur, but that is TBD.


Book Promo Going Great!

My book promo, now on day two, is ranked at #84 in Amazon! That is hell of a lot of downloads and I hope everyone else is getting good results.

And, in case you want to check out my childrens book, here it is:

Anyway, Happy Father’s Day again, and hope everyone has a good day…

Today is the Day!

Today is the first of two free days. Not all books will be free today, so check the details under each image. Midnight has just gone so books should be free in next few hours.

Let the downloads begin…

Book of the Week

This blog will feature a new book once a week. It will be a free promotion and will show the cover as well as a description about the author and book. The book does not have to be free but has to be available as an ebook on Amazon USA.

Basically, for me to consider your book for the above, send me an email with the link to your ebook and a synopsis. If interested, I will read the sample. Whatever one grabs my interest the most, I will contact the author a number of days beforehand to let them know.

Free Books For Everyone!

I have set up this simple blog which, starting on the weekend of 16/17 of June 2012, will list free ebooks. If it works out, I will plan for another weekend in the future to do this again.

So, readers, come back to this website on the 16th and 17th of June to find out what ebooks you will be able to download for free via and thier sister sites.

So, authors, do you want your ebook to be listed? Just email me at and tell me the genres you want ebook listed in (up to two) and send me a jpg  (or other suitable image file) as well as the link to the book on Plus, send me 1 sentance premise about your book. Also, tell me what days book will be free on the site. It can be either the 16th or 17th June or both. I will email you a confirmation once book is live on this site. I will accept book submissions up until the evening of 15th, but the earlier you are, the higher your listing will be!